Economist Estimates Syria Losses at $200 billion and Recovery Time at 25 Years

Aref Dalilah, a Syrian economist, has said that Syria’s losses in the past 22 months reached $200 billion and that rebuilding the country would take 25 years.

Dalilah, one of the most knowledgeable economists and a leading opposition figure, told UPI that this estimate is made by a “group of economists who meet regularly” but added that these estimates are not precise as “they are based mostly on speculations, since it is very difficult to obtain the right figures.”


Syria’s former deputy prime minister Abdullah Dardari had said that Syria has lost 35% of its national product in the past two years.


“The sanctions and the fighting in the country have both contributed to this loss,” Dardari said.


Dalilah blamed both the authorities and the armed groups for “devastation that has hit the country.”


Last year Dalilah said that the economic problems are a result of the political situation in Syria that prevailed for decades. He said that Syria is passing through a "holocaust" that returned the country 25 years back, as a result of the destruction of the infrastructure.



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