Military Will Remain Syria's Chief Defense: Zoubi

Zoubi hailed the high morale of the Syrian army

Plots by those conspiring to destroy the military establishment in Syria will be defeated, Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said on Thursday, adding that the army will remain Syria's main defense.


Zoubi also hailed the high morale of the Syrian army.


During a meeting held in Dar al-Assad in Lattakia on the latest developments in the country, Zoubi said the Syrian army is determined to achieve victory, defeat terrorism and restore security and stability to Syria.


The minister said those conspiring against Syria do not care about the shape of the country, but seek ways to infiltrate and undermine the military establishment which has protected Syria since the outbreak of the crisis.


He added that the opposition abroad has structural problems and has no political project.


The minister said the political leadership in the country has taken several initiatives regarding diplomacy and on the issue of displaced families.


Meanwhile he said if the international conference regarding Syria, scheduled to be held in Geneva, did not go ahead, then the U.S. and their agents were to blame as they had increased their support to terrorists in Syrian territory ahead of the meeting.


The minister said the political solution will be achieved through dialogue between Syrians and not through negotiations imposed from outside.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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