The Prime Minister: our Economy is Stable and we have a Strategic Stockpile of oil, Wheat and Flour

There are sufficient quantities of seeds and fertilizers and that there is no impediment in the sale, storage and delivery to all the provinces: PM

Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi assured that the economic sector is stable and there are strategic stockpiles of various items and materials and there will not be any shortage of any substance, particularly oil derivatives, flour and wheat. Halqi pointed during the weekly meeting of the government held yesterday to the availability of large stores of wheat material at the level of all provinces, particularly in the southern region, and Halqi directed the concerned authorities to increase wheat stores in the eastern region, especially Deirez-Zor .

The Prime Minister pointed out that there are sufficient quantities of seeds and fertilizers and that there is no impediment in the sale, storage and delivery to all the provinces, referring to the arrival of a huge convoys of various foodstuffs and oil derivatives to the province of Aleppo.

Halqi directed the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection to pursue administrative pricing and to tour markets to curb the rise in prices and to suppress the irregularities and corrupt monopolists in a way reflects positively on the living conditions of the citizens.


The President of the Council of Ministers emphasized on fighting the corrupt in all sectors, especially in the oil sector and that the government will account anyone who tries to steal or waste the public money, pointing out that oil belongs to the Syrian people and future generations, and that the government will not give up one drop and it will not allow any individual or gang to rub it and will take the necessary procedures and the necessary cooperation with the concerned authorities to extend state control over all of its territory and wealth .


The Chairman of the Council of Ministers referred to the concrete stability in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound as a result of the successful and outstanding performance of Syrian diplomacy and the overwhelming victories of our army in the pursuit of terrorists to restore security and stability gradually to the entire territory of the Syria, in parallel with the economic procedures undertaken by the Monetary and Credit Council and the Central Bank to recover the exchange rate gradually to its true level, re-emphasizing the existence of a large strategic reserve of foreign exchange at the central bank .


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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