Shaaban: Syria Will go to Geneva II to Reach Political Agreement

Shaaban describes the opposition as a front for Saudi intelligence

Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban says the Syrian government will go to the international conference on Syria in Geneva to push for an international decision to stop violence and terrorism in Syria and reach a political agreement among Syrians without any foreign interference.

In an interview on Russia Today TV on Tuesday, Shaaban said that Syria has agreed to go to Geneva without preconditions, but said the problem lies with the fact that some sides fixed on  the idea of transitional authority. She said this was created from the idea of a particular kind of opposition, affiliated with external actors, but it remains unknown who it actually represents.


Shaaban said that the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal has "no right" to talk on behalf of the Syrian people, adding that the "Coalition" is only a front for Saudi intelligence.


"Who does the Coalition represent? Is it Al-Qaeda or the Nusra Front?" she asked.


"If you ask the U.N., it will tell you that there are more than 1,000 factions in Syria, some of which are opposition and the others are from the so-called 'armed opposition'. Is there in the whole world an armed opposition? What we have in Syria is Al-Qaeda  and Nusra. Maybe there are other opposition forces, but we are interested in Syria's future and integrity of its land," Shaaban said.


She called upon those who talk about opposition to come to Syria and see what crimes these terrorists are committing, adding that there is a "huge difference between the media talk and the people residing in 5-star hotels on the one side, and the children who are being killed, the mosques, churches, museums and factories that are being burnt and destroyed just because there are regional forces that have their own agendas in Syria on the other."


She stressed that the Syrian government is "the legitimate and elected government that represents the Syrian people and has the right to act in accordance with the real interests of the Syrian people", adding that all government decisions, including the disposal of the chemical weapons, received wide welcome and acceptance from the Syrian people.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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