Arrest of Activist, Artist Nael Hariri

Hariri had posted a message on his Facebook addressed to security members

Young member of the State-Building Movement, Nael Hariri has been arrested as he travelled from Aleppo to Damascus with his family.


Previously, Hariri’s younger brother, well-known musician Hazem al-Hariri, was also arrested, facing the terrorism court seven months ago.


Nael Hariri had posted a message on his personal Facebook page a few days before his arrest, addressed to “all the security men who spend the night following my page,” saying he hoped “at least one of them has become convinced of my views.”


Nael’s statements were known for their moderation, and yet he and his brother have become partners in cells containing many beautiful people of this country.


The Syrian State-Building Movement issued a statement on the arrest saying: “Syrian Intelligence arrested yesterday evening a member of the movement, Nael Hariri.”


“The Syrian authorities, with the continuation of its repressive approach towards anyone who opposes it, contradicts its claim that it targets only terrorism and armed forces. It is well known that Hariri, in addition to being one of the members of the peaceful State-Building Movement, personally rejected the use of weapons in the political conflict,” the statement said.


“The continuation of the Syrian government's oppressive method falsifies its claim of serious acceptance of the Geneva II Conference and a solution to the Syrian crisis through political and peaceful means, and that it is ready for the decision of the ballot box.”


“The government's claim that there is no opposition in the country to negotiate with at Geneva II is clearly a lie the thousands of detainees in Syrian prisons are taken into account.”


“We demand the release of Hariri immediately, and the release of all the peaceful detainees."


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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