Syrian Coalition: ISIS and Sister Groups are Desperate Gamble by a Dying Regime

Jarba describes Assad as "criminal genius" that seeks to "evoke the worst of history and deploy it thrugh the ugliest methods"

Ahmad Jarba, the president of  the Syrian Coalition stressedl that "ISIS and its sister groups were made by the Assad regime,” during a speech delivered in front of the Gulf Cooperation Council. He added that the Assad regime aims to "distort the image of the Syrian revolution” through creating these groups. Jarba also stated that the regime failed to prove that the revolution is linked to foreign agents such as the Israeli occupation or the United States, or that it was ignited by the Gulf countries. He went on, "this failure made the regime release extremist groups under its sponsorship by releasing them from prisons and arming them."


Furthermore, Jarba describes Assad's atrocities against the Syrian people as "criminal genius" that seeks to "evoke the worst of history and deploy it through the ugliest methods with the help of the sectarian mercenaries "and through investing the grudge of the terrorist militias, Hezbollah and Abu al Fadl al Abbas and other sectarian militias.


Jarba also stressed "that the Syrian Coalition believes in a fair political solution fair that take out the criminals from the lives of the Syrians once and for all," noting that "participation in Geneva 2 does not mean that we 're going to a political forum alongside a group from the Assad regime. Rather it means we are going to spare our country the destruction and crimes and to restore the Syrian state, and the independence of the national decision.


We say yes to Geneva 2 according to the principles and the guidelines that were set forth in the vision of the Syrian Coalition, and which we set forth in the last London 11 meeting, i.e., according to Geneva 1 and its Communiqué, Jarba added.



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