Results of Crucial US-Russian Meeting

If the meetings end on Saturday, Brahimi may resign

Diplomatic sources at Geneva have revealed that Saturday might be the last day of the peace talks scheduled to continue until 23 February.


The sources confirmed that Thursday's meetings between American and Russian deputy foreign ministers and subsequent meetings with the delegations of the regime and the opposition decided the fate of the conference.


Earlier, opposition sources confirmed that the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister arrived in Geneva, accompanied by a delegation of 12 members, to discuss the "consensual figure" to replace Assad.


However,  if the meetings are to end on Saturday, it will mark the end of Brahimi's mission and he will immediately resign, the sources said.


Brahimi's deputy Naser al-Qudwa resigned before the meetings, after the regime's delegation refused to include him in the negotiations.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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