Regime Bombards Homs And Damascus

Observatory reports pro-regime National Defense Forces committed a massacre in al-Zara village, killing 20

Regime's forces bombarded neighborhoods in Homs and its countryside in the middle of the country and other regions in Damascus on Tuesday, while an explosion was reported at an Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria headquarters in Raqqa in the north east of the country.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said "regime's forces bombarded the towns of Hula, Talbisa and Unq al-Hawa in al-Mukharram region in the countryside of Homs.


"Violent clashes between regime forces and Islamic factions continued in the surrounding of al-Husn town in the western countryside of Homs. In the meanwhile, the Islamic factions shelled the village of Fulla, which is inhabited by a majority of Alawites," said the Observatory.


The Observatory revealed that pro-regime National Defense Forces committed a massacre in al-Zara village in the countryside of Homs near the Lebanese border, killing 20 civilians.


"Activists from Zara, which is inhabited by a majority of Sunni Turkmen, said that National Defense Forces killed more than 20 civilians," according to the Observatory report.


In Hama, ten members of the Islamic factions were killed in clashes with regime troops near Kernaz town and other regions in the countryside of Hama, according to the Observatory, which also said that "regime troops have shelled the towns and villages of Qura al-Kabeer, Ghamam, Wadi Shihan, al-Ghunaimiyah and Ein al-Ghazal in the countryside of Lattakia".


"In Damascus, the regime shelled the cities of Adra and Yabroud", the Observatory reported.


Regime forces also shelled the industrial region in al-Qadam neighborhood and some regions in Jobar in the east of the capital.


"Regime forces have gathered in al-Shagour neighborhood in the middle of the capital, checking thoroughly citizens coming from Salihiya neighborhood," the Observatory said. 


In the northeast of the country, ISIS fighters "executed in Raqqa two regime soldiers captured during the clashes in the surrounding of Brigade 17 few days ago". ISIS sent a military group to Sarrin region in the countryside of Aleppo, where clashes continue with some other Islamic factions.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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