Regime Pits Christians Against Christians in Yabroud

Opposition says Christian militias fighting alongside Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iraqi militias

The General Commission of Syrian Revolution said on Wednesday that the government has brought pro-Assad Christian militias from many regions of Damascus and its countryside to support Syrian army troops and Hezbollah in their battles in Yabroud against the opposition forces controlling the city.


Yabroud is considered one of the oldest Christian cities in the world, Anatolia News Agency reported.


In a statement to Anatolia Agency, the spokesman of the Commission in the Qalamon region, Aamer al-Qalamoni, said that the regime has brought Christian militias from Sednaya in the countryside of Damascus, as well as al-Qassaa and Bab Touma neighborhoods in the center of the capital, in order to strengthen their forces in ongoing battles against opposition forces in Yabroud.


"The evidence is that there are Christians injured among those militias; we have already identified Michael Ibrahim, Yousha Ramzi, Zein Ramzi, Fadi Issa and Bayan ash-Shami," Qalamoni said.


"The regime uses Christians against Christians and seeks every way possible to claim victory in Yabroud," he added, without revealing the sources of the names of the injured Christians.


Qalamoni said that the regime brought these militias in after the enormous losses among his troops, Hezbollah's and Iraqi militias, in addition to new Shiite militias brought in to participate in the battles, after the failure of all other troops to take control of the city.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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