Syrian Refugees Say Nomination of Assad Dispels Hopes of Return

Refugees in Jordan describe the Geneva negotiations as "absurd"

The nomination of Syrian president Bashar Assad for another presidential term has dispelled the dreams of Syrian refugees in Jordan of returning to their country.


They also expressed pessimism towards the "absurd" Geneva negotiations.


Refugees in Zatari camp, which houses 110,000 Syrians in a northern desert region, said they consider the possibility of Assad's nomination a means of undermining the U.N. Security Council and underestimating the blood of 146,000 Syrians killed in the conflict.


Abu Mohammed, 54, from Daraa said the nomination of Assad "is a time bomb that will explode against both the regime and the opposition."


A former Syrian police officer meanwhile told Agenece France Presse that "we don’t find any solution to our crisis and we don’t think we will go back to Syria soon. Everyone had let us down." 


"The Geneva negotiations between the regime and the opposition are absurd and will not lead to any result," he said.


Lighting a cigarette, he added that "all the countries have let us down and we are facing a mysterious destiny. The west cares about the rights of animals more than ours and their speech about the human rights was just slogans."


While Assad has not officially announced his nomination for another term in the presidential elections to be held in July, he told AFP in January that there is a "big chance" he will be nominated for the presidency.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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