Arab Diplomat says League did not Hand Seat to Coalition Due to NCC

The NCC says the Coalition does not represent the whole opposition

An Arab diplomatic source revealed on Monday that the decision not to give Syria's seat to the National Coalition at the Arab League summit was a response to a request from the National Coordination Commission, the opposition grouping based inide Syria.


The source, as quoted by Anatolia News Agency, said that "the National Commission sent a letter to the Arab League, clarifying that the Coalition doesn’t represent the whole Syrian opposition, and demanding that it doesn't give the seat to it", as was agreed during the preparatory meetings for the summit.


The diplomat said that Algeria played a prominent role by submitting a proposal adopted by Iraq and Egypt to avoid reference to the seat and giving it to the Coalition, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar insisted on the need to give it the seat of Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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