Foreign Ministry: Bombing Shows Islamic Front Should be Added to Terrorism List

The letters said the Islamic Front claimed responsibility of the bombing of the ancient Carlton Hotel in Aleppo


The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said, in two identical letters sent Thursday to the U.N. Secretary-General and Chairman of the Security Council, that the so-called "Islamic Front" should be added to the terrorism list.


The letters said that the armed terrorist group calling itself "Islamic Front" claimed responsibility of the bombing of the ancient Carlton Hotel in Aleppo,which serves as additional evidence to support Syria's request from the Security Council to add this group to the list.


"Following our previous letters on the systematic and deliberate crimes of the armed terrorist groups against the ancient and religious sites and the cultural and historical monuments of Syria, Aleppo city was the target today of a new terrorist operation as the armed terrorist groups detonated the ancient Carlton Hotel causing a number of casualties and material damage to the whole building and other surrounding buildings," the ministry said in the letters.


The ministry said that the armed terrorist groups had carried out two desperate attempts to destroy the hotel, but the Syrian Arab Army foiled these attempts, pointing out that the terrorist groups set the souq, which is the oldest in the world, ablaze, and attacked the Great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo city.


Syria called on the Security Council and the U.N. Secretary-General to issue clear and strong condemnation of these crimes and to quickly move to add the "Islamic Front" to the terrorism list and take immediate measures against the countries sponsoring these terrorist groups to compel them to stop offering financial and logistical support.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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