Assad Forces in Aleppo Begin Campaign of Occupying Vacant Houses

A huge security sweep involving the regime's army and intelligence, saw all houses in the Jamiat al-Muhandisin area searched

Aks al-Ser has learned that a major security crackdown has begun in the western districts of Aleppo to occupy empty houses under recent orders by the regime.


The regime this week suggested aproposal demanding a temporary return to the law which states that houses abandoned by their owners should be rented by "Syrian citizens".


Sources confirmed that the area of Jamiat al-Muhandisin has witnessed a huge security sweep involving the regime's army and intelligence, where all the houses in the area were searched.


The sources added that the search primarily focuses on the property or rent contract, if it wasn’t available, the residents of the house would be expelled.


Regime forces stormed a number of houses, while an eyewitness said that the house next to his, occupied by an Afghan family, has not been inspected.


The sources asked Aks al-Ser to alert civilians living in the vicinity of the need to prepare a property or rent contract, and the need to open the closed houses and rent them before Assad's forces occupy them.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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