Military Disputes Between Suyouf al-Haq, Suqur al-Sham

Suqur al-Sham said Suyouf al-Haq kept the heavy weapons after defecting from the group

Suqur al-Sham brigades announced they had stormed the headquarters of Suyouf al-Haq battalions, led by Rashed Tiggo, in Quminas and an-Nayrab in the countryside of Aleppo, after the group defected and refused to give up their heavy weapons.


Suqur al-Sham said Suyouf al-Haq kept the heavy weapons, returning none of them to Suqur al-Sham, the main faction which originally provided them.


The membership agreement with Suqur al-Sham says that "when a battalion or brigade defects from the main body, their weapons belong to the main body, except for each fighter's personal weapon. If a dispute occurred between Suqur al-Sham and any other brigade following it, the dispute should be solved by the internal court of Suqur al-Sham".


Despite this bond, Suyouf al-Haq asked to resolve the dispute in front of an independent court, and Suqur al-Sham accepted the condition in order to avoid any conflict.


The Shariah court decided last week that "the defection of Rashed Tiggo is unacceptable", and that "Tiggo and his battalions can keep their light weapons, but Suqur al-Sham has the right to retain their heavy weapons (including T72 tanks, two troop carriers and one pick-up). However Suyouf al-Haq must pay 2.5 million Syrian Pounds in compensation for the ammunition".


Rashed Tiggo, who was given 48 hours to execute the sentence refused to obey. Accordingly, Suqur al-Sham brigades stormed the headquarters of Suyouf al-Haq in Quminas and an-Nayrab to execute the sentence issued by the court and regain their weapons. Though Suyouf al-Haq were warned before, they fortified their headquarters and opened fire on Suqur al-Sham fighters.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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