Assad's Shabeeha Aim to Displace Christians from Homs

A number of Christian girls have been abducted in the city

A number of cases of abduction of Christian girls have increased recently in the city of Homs, especially in the pro-regime neighborhoods.


A member of the Reconciliation Committee, Father Michelle Numan, called on the authorities to reveal the fate of the abducted girls and uncover the fate of young Christians who were kidnapped, saying they were likely to have been abducted by the security forces.


Activists in Homs said that the kidnappings have recently included some of the Christian girls who returned to Homs with their families. The activists assumed the involvement of Homs shabeeha in the abductions, while the shabeeha and the security forces accused terrorist groups.


The activists pointed out that the kidnappers usually ask the girls' families to pay large sums of money to release their daughters, and that kidnappings have become one of the most important reasons for Christian families to leave the city of Homs, which is controlled by regime forces. 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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