The Army of Islam Dominates Douma

Widespread corruption cause of clashes between Army of Islam and Jaish al-Umma

The Army of Islam, with the support of armed opposition factions, took full control of the city of Douma after arresting the leaders of Jaish al-Umma in Eastern Ghouta. Meanwhile, five Lebanese Hezbollah militants and seven Syrian regime fighters were killed in clashes with the Nusra Front in Kalamoon, north of Damascus, near the borders of Lebanon.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said fighters from the Army of Islam clashed with Jaish al-Umma in the city of Douma, killing a number of anti-regime militants.
The commander of the Army of Islam, Zahran Alloush, tweeted yesterday "the end of military operations aimed to eliminate Jaish al-Umma, after the arrest of its leaders in the campaign announced by the Army of Islam".


Clashes broke out on Sunday between the Army of Islam and Jaish al-Umma amid a curfew imposed on the city of Douma. The united judiciary issued a decision to "eliminate the corruption of Jaish al-Umma, following a significant number of corruption and abuse charges".


The Army of Islam was the first to apply this resolution, where it arrested a leader of Jaish al-Umma, known as Ahmed Taha Abou Subhi. A member in the Media Office of the Army of Islam, Bara Abdul Rahman, accused Abou Subhi of "being responsible of trafficking large quantities of hashish and drugs, in addition to killing and kidnapping activists".


"The start of purging the country of corruption, after the residents of Douma demanded a stop to the abuses committed by Jaish al-Umma members," Alloush had announced.
Local activists also accuse Jaish al-Umma of disrupting the arrival of supplies to the rebels in the town of Adra in Damascus "which caused its fall to the hands of Assad's forces". 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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