Regime Reticent After Army of Islam Rocket Campaign Rocks Assad's HQ in Damascus

"The regime knows that Zahran Alloush can be dangerous, and now it realizes that he is a real danger, as he has accurate missiles"

"To stop the movement in the capital with a tweet on Twitter, and to restore it again with another tweet, to show the Assad regime's inability to face the strikes (of the Army of Islam) on its military and security headquarters in the heart of the capital, to prove Assad lied to his supporters when he said the capital is secure, to hurt the regime in the right place, all are the reasons that prompted the Assad regime’s revenge attack on eastern Ghouta", a source in Damascus has told Siraj Press.


"During the military strike carried out by the Army of Islam against Assad's security strongholds in the heart of Damascus, more than 42 security personnel were killed and dozens more were injured. The regime acknowledged the death of only six civilians", the source said.


"There are questions to be asked here: Why did the regime respond strongly to the campaign of Zahran Alloush, and did not respond in the same way when the Nusra Front bombed a bus carrying Hezbollah fighters in the center of the Damascus, though the bombing only came one day before Alloush's campaign? Why did the regime respond differently to the rocket campaigns of Ajnad ash-Sham 1 and Ajnad ash-Sham 2? This confirms that the missiles launched by the Army of Islam have hurt the regime, and left deaths in its headquarters and security points, which did not happen following the missile campaign launched by Ajnad ash-Sham.


“The regime knows that Zahran Alloush can be dangerous, and now it realizes that he is a real danger, as he has accurate missiles. Alloush announced the timing of the campaign, he warned the residents in the city, he launched the campaign at rush hour and he did not kill more than five civilians, according to the regime itself, which means that Alloush succeeded in hitting military targets.


“Alloush was able to paralyze the movement in the capital with one statement. People stayed in their homes, away from regime's security points after each tweet, and this pushed the regime to close Alloush's account on Twitter.


“The regime – with its huge media machine, aircrafts, explosive barrels, guided missiles and toxic weapons – is afraid of Alloush's account on Twitter, and from the local-made Sahm al-Islam 4 rockets”, the source added.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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