Regime Air Force Kills 8 Civilians in Deraa, Injures Dozens

Airforce strikes civilian gathering in center of Daraa, while regime helicopters target the city of Inkhil with barrel bombs

Regime airforces struck civilian targets in the city of Daraa on Thursday afternoon, killing and injuring tens of civilians.

A Siraj Press correspondent confirmed regime warplanes launched a raid on the center of the town, targeting a gathering of civilians, leading to the death of eight, and the injury of dozens, most of them in critical condition. The number of deaths is expected to rise.

The correspondent noted that regime forces shelled Daraa with mortars and heavy artillery, in conjunction with the air raids.

Regime's helicopters also targeted the city of Inkhil with 11 explosive barrels, resulting in the significant destruction of property. Information on the number of civilian casualties is not yet available.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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