Sen. Richard Black: Syria Will be Victorious Against Terrorism

Black predicts political demise of the Syrian opposition, warning that by cooperating with Saudi Arabia, the United States is complicit in exporting terrorists to the world

U.S. Senator Richard Black said that Syria has fought terrorism successfully and is heading towards victory, warning those who want Syria to fall of the terrorism that will spread to Jordan, Lebanon, and Europe.

In a phone call on Sunday with the Syrian radio station Melody FM, Black said that Turkish President Erdogan’s regime has colonialist dreams in Syria and the region, and that evidence suggests Turkish intelligence provided poisonous gas to terrorists for an attack in Ghouta in a bid to drag the United States into the Syrian war.

He said that Turkey, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are the biggest funders of terrorist organizations, noting that the reason for the influx of foreign terrorists into Syria is motivated by the desire of those behind the Syrian crisis to replace the shortage in combatants by importing terrorists from abroad, as sympathizers are few among the local Syrians.

Black predicted the political demise for the so-called opposition, and warned that by cooperating with Saudi Arabia, the United States is complicit in exporting terrorists to the world, adding that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar joining the Washington-led coalition against ISIS is merely a formal step in light of their relations with terrorists.

The senator also expected support for terrorism and its funding to dry out soon, saying that there’s a shift in how the world is viewing Syria, adding that the U.S. should seek common ground with Russia in the war on terror.

Black claims a division exists in the U.S. government regarding Syria, while Europe is mostly following Washington’s lead and is also fragmented regarding how to deal with the crisis, with the U.S., Britain, and France becoming increasingly isolated when it comes to their calls for “regime change”.

Black also said that he wishes to visit Syria, and that he’s praying for the country and its people.

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