Northern Homs Left Without Eye Doctor as Last Specialist Flees

Without proper training, doctors in the northern countryside of Homs face immense problems in treating eye injuries

The last remaining ophthalmologist left the northern countryside of Homs for Turkey in October, leaving behind a number of patients now at risk of losing their eyesight, a local medical practitioner said.

Doctor Abo Mahmoud confirmed to Zaman Al-Wasl that the northern countryside of Homs had been without an operating ophthalmologist for four years, as the previous specialist was only qualified to provide consultations and minor treatment.

Activists mentioned that doctors in the northern countryside have encountered immense problems in treating eye injuries, especially during the last regime attack on northern Homs.

Abo Mahmoud explained that non-specialist doctors have often been forced to remove the entire eye while consulting with an ophthalmologist over the phone. While treatment for other injuries, like cuts, removing foreign bodies, and cornea injuries is administered outside Homs if available.

The doctor said that general surgeons in Homs are unable to find the time to train for new specializations, like ophthalmology. He explained that women and children are able to reach Hama or Turkey to receive treatment, as they can easily pass through regime-controlled barriers, however, wounded men cannot access hospitals in Hama, Idleb or Turkey due to the risk of arrest.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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