Aleppo: Civilians Put Out Final Distress Call While Assad Forces Steal Food Supplies From Besieged Districts

Local opposition council says civilian food supplies in the besieged city had fallen into the hands of regime forces amid reports that pro-Assad forces were carrying out massacres against locals

Britt Hajji Hassan, head of the local opposition council for Aleppo city, said that civilian food supplies in the besieged city had fallen into the hands of regime forces.

Hajji Hassan said that regime forces were close to taking over the entire city and had tightened the noose on civilians day after day in the besieged districts. He said that harm had been inflicted on civilians during heavy, intense bombardment on Aleppo and that regime forces were carrying out a massacre against them in the city.

“The regime is seizing our food supply warehouses in Aleppo and the flour storehouses. Today there is no food in the city. It also took control of the local council,” he said.

Hajji Hassan added: “A day or two ago, we were about to reach a resolution to the bread distribution crisis. But what happened yesterday imposed a solution — there is no more bread in Aleppo.”

He confirmed claims there had been field executions and quoted Mohamed Sheikh, an eyewitness in Aleppo, as saying that “Shiite regime and militia forces burned four women and nine children alive in the Al-Fardous and Al-Kalasa districts.”

Sheikh also confirmed that regime forces and militias also carried out field executions of 67 men in the same districts, Hajji Hassan added.

He said that he could reveal Sheikh’s real name because “there was no longer anything to be afraid of, since everything here has been condemned to death.”

In a cry for help mixed with tears, the child Ammar — over a voice recording — said, “The planes have been bombing us since the morning. There’s no food, no hospitals and no medicine.” He said that the bodies of other children had been charred by the bombardment.

Selma, another child, called for residents to be evacuated from the area and begged for help as soon as possible. She said, “Many children have been wounded severely and need to be taken out.”

Fatima, a woman in the area, said: “All we hear is movement and some sort of activity. The bodies are filling the streets and the tragedy tears at the heart.”

Abdel Riziq Rizouq, the general secretary for the Aleppo province opposition council said: “The people under siege in Aleppo have been left to their fates: either surrender or die.”

He said, “The reason for the weakness of the armed opposition’s in Aleppo in the besieged districts is that the civilians were blockaded in a small geographical location so that they could not all be absorbed, even in the streets, while being subjected to systematic and monstrous bombardment.”

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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