Families’ Return to Ziabiyeh is Proof Against Demographic Change Claims: Haidar

SANA reports on statement by reconciliations minister following the return of civilians to their homes in the Damascus countryside after local teams successfully repair neighborhood's infrastructure

Residents of the Ziabiyeh suburbs in the Damascus countryside have begun to return to their homes after repair teams restored the area’s infrastructure following attacks by terrorist organizations.

In a press statement, minister for reconciliations Ali Haidar said the families’ return to Ziabiyeh is a message to all citizens that the state is serious about ensuring the return of all citizens to their home areas.

He added that the return of civilians is proof against claims that the Syrian government is seeking demographic change in some areas, pointing out that the delay in the return of civilians to the neighborhood was due to technical and logistic reasons.

Speaking about the Al-Sabinah area, Haidar affirmed that the families will return in a few days, and that later all displaced people will be able to return to their homes after safety is restored to the area and basic living requirements are secured.

Quneitra Governor Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-Qader announced that the return of over 40,000 people will occur gradually, starting with the relatives of martyrs, wounded people and military members, followed by families of state workers.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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