U.S.-Led Coalition Attack on Syrian Troops Was Act Supporting Terror: Foreign Ministry

Government media outlet says alliance is attempting to destabilize Syria and prolong the terror war despite its declared aim of defeating ISIS

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has labeled Tuesday's attack by U.S.-led coalition forces against the Syrian army an act supporting terrorism. The coalition strike targeted an army position near Al-Tanf in the eastern countryside of Homs, leaving a number of Syrian soldiers dead.

In a statement to the United Nations, the ministry said the act of aggression reveals the real goals of the coalition, which have nothing to do with its declared aim of fighting the Islamic State (ISIS).

“The real goal is implementing agendas that aim at targeting the steadfastness of Syria and its army and attempting to debilitate it through prolonging the terrorist war on it,” the ministry added.

The statement added that “Syria renews in the strongest terms its condemnation of these attacks carried out by this illegitimate coalition against the Syrian Arab Army, which is leading a relentless war on the terrorism of ISIS, [the Nusra Front] and other terrorist organizations.”

The ministry called on coalition members stop launching such horrifying attacks “which have so far yielded nothing but making ISIS stronger, at a time when the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces are making daily achievements in confronting the forces and organizations of terrorism.”

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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