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Nusra Front Targets Loyalist Homs Neighborhoods with ‘Bomb Bicycles’

Rebel group says simultaneous targeting of Wadi an-Nasara and Ikrima neighborhoods kills and injures a number of Alawite residents
Nusra Front Targets Loyalist Homs Neighborhoods with ‘Bomb Bicycles’

Nusra Front has claimed a series of bombings targeting pro-regime neighborhoods in the city of Homs.

Three explosions rocked the city Sunday afternoon, triggered by "bomb bicycles”, killing one child and wounding at least 19 civilians, according to pro-regime web sites.

In a statement, the Al-Qaeda-linked group said: "With the grace of God alone, Nusra Front was able to carry out a series of security operations in Homs."

Nusra explained that its security battalion was able to "blow up three explosive devices simultaneously, targeting the neighborhoods of Wadi an-Nasara and Ikrima, killing and injuring many Alawites.”

“Our heroes then blew up a fourth device, targeting a building of the Syrian Baath Party, used as a headquarters for the security committee that recruits young Sunni people in pro-regime militias," the group added.

Nusra warned: "All the leaders of these committees, especially the Baath Brigades, are considered legitimate targets for Nusra as long as they insist on continuing their role.”

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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