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Alloush Says Aleppo ‘Willl Not Fall’ as Rebels Announce Start of the ‘Great Battle’

Army of Islam spokesman says situation in the city "extremely bad" but stresses the city will not fall to government and Russian forces
Alloush Says Aleppo ‘Willl Not Fall’ as Rebels Announce Start of the ‘Great Battle’

The General Judge for the Army of Conquest rebel group, Abdullah al-Muhaysini, announced in a video statement the beginning of the great battle for Aleppo, adding that it will be largest and most prominent battle of the “Syrian jihad.”

Syrian opposition factions in Aleppo are preparing to break the encirclement of Aleppo, in an operation labelled “the great battle,” in which it is expected about 4,000 fighters will participate from all factions, with factions of the Army of Conquest spearheading the battle.

A leader in the opposition forces who asked not to be named told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur that, “Preparations for the operation to break the siege on Aleppo will be completed by igniting all the city’s fronts.” He added that “the battle will see the use of all available capacities of the opposition factions, including heavy weapons and rockets.”

Speaking on the situation in Aleppo, official spokesman for the Army of Islam group, Islam Alloush, acknowledged that the situation is “extremely bad,” but said that the city would not fall into regime hands, vowing to rehabilitate it in the coming period.

Speaking to the Lebanese website “Junubiyeh,” he said: “We understand this Russian campaign as a project to expel Aleppo’s residents from their city in full view of the world and humanitarian organizations.”

He concluded with a message to the regime, denying any intention to surrender Aleppo: “With every meter Assad’s gangs and supporters advance, dozens of dead from these forces fall. Aleppo will be the hell that will destroy the terrorists and foreigners Assad brought from every corner of the world to defend his totalitarian regime.”

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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