• The Syrian Coalition Presents Its Vision for a Transitional Period and Sends a Message to the International Community

    Saturday January 12th, 2013

    by The Syrian Caolition

    The Syrian Coalition presents a draft vision for a transitional period based on a controlled gradual transition of power, ensuring that governmental institutions continue working in full function, troops withdrawal to their bases, collection of weapons from civilians, and mobilizing national efforts towards rebuilding Syria.

  • President Bashar al-Assad’s speech as published by SANA, the Syrian official news agency

    Monday January 7th, 2013

    by SANA official news agency

    President Bashar al-Assad gave a speech on Saturday that created a lot of reactions by local and international actors. Below is the text of the speech as translated by the Syrian official news agency (SANA).

  • Press release regarding the speech of the Syrian president

    Monday January 7th, 2013

    by Building the Syrian State current

    The stages of the political solution that the president presented in his speech are not enough to form a political solution that transforms the country form its current state of autocracy and crisis to stability and democracy. Despite this, what he presented can form a general basis for an eventual solution, but only if it is not overseen and sponsored by the regime itself. Instead, the regime would take part in the solution as one party to the conflict alongside all other groups.

  • Statement: Assad Fails to Present a Political Solution and Continues to Commit Massacres

    Monday January 7th, 2013

    by National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and O

    The speech by Bashar Assad confirms his incompetence as a head of state who realizes the grave responsibilities he carries during this critical time in Syria’s history. Furthermore, it demonstrates that he is incapable of initiating a political solution that puts forward a resolution for the country’s struggle and an exit for his regime with minimum losses because he cannot see himself and his narrow based rule except as remaining in power despite being rejected by his people and his traditional allies.

  • Statement Regarding the Massacre in Deir Baalbeh

    Sunday December 30th, 2012

    by National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and O

    This recent massacre is yet another living example which reflects the regime’s real intention to suppress the will of the Syrian people. This shameless act refutes the claims recently put in the media suggesting that Assad’s regime is genuinely open for talks leading to a political solution. These claims are merely a mischievous attempt to allow Assad’s regime more time to suppress the revolution.

  • The Syrian regime escalates massacres after lavrov’s remarks

    Sunday December 30th, 2012

    by Syrian Human Rights Organization (Sawasia)

    The Syrian regime has pre-empted the arrival of the UN envoy to Damascus via Lebanon Mr. Lakhdar Librahimi with terrible massacres covered most of the nation and included more than / 310 / geographical points and locations with aerial bombardment using (Russian Mig fighters), since Mr. Librahimi could not be able to land in Damascus International Airport on Sunday 23/12/2007.

  • A statement by the National Coalition regarding remarks made by Haytham al-Maleh

    Thursday December 20th, 2012

    by National Coalition

    At the same time as the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces condemns the policies and practices of the Russian government and its stand in support of the Assad regime politically and militarily, it unequivocally states that the Russian government alone bears full responsibility of their actions without any blame to Russian civilians.

  • A statement from the Syrian National Coordination Commission regarding the Doha conference

    Sunday November 4th, 2012

    by NCC Website

    The The NCC Executive Bureauhas decided that the NCC party members and individuals will not participate in the opposition conference in Doha.

  • President Assad’s speech at the inauguration of the People’s Assembly Jun 04, 2012

    Monday June 4th, 2012

    by SANA official news agency

    President Assad’s speech at the inauguration of the People’s Assembly after the 2012 elections which were boycotted by the Syrian opposition and many citizens in the major cities and provinces.

  • About Us

    Wednesday February 1st, 2012

    by Syrian Observer

    The Syrian Observer is a daily online news service covering Syrian political and civil society news.

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