• Two Tracks to Bring About a Political Settlement in Syria

    Thursday August 19th, 2021

    by Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy* for ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London based pan-Arab)

    Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy offers in his op-ed two tracks for a political settlement to end the conflict in Syria.

  • Further U.S ‘Aid Concessions’ Await ‘Green Light’ from Russia

    Tuesday July 13th, 2021

    by Ibrahim Hamidi - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London based pan-Arab)

    Ibrahim Hamidi claims the U.S has made many concessions to Russia in the file of cross-border humanitarian aid into northern Syria.

  • Why Did Rome’s Conference on Syria Ignore Conditions for Normalization, Reconstruction?

    Friday July 9th, 2021

    by Ibrahim Hamidi - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London based pan-Arab)

    Ibrahim Hamidi explains that the military and economic situation are prolonging the status quo in Syria despite the Rome conference.

  • Sanctions on Damascus: U.S’ First Bargaining Chip

    Friday July 9th, 2021

    by Ziad Ghosn - ATHR PRESS (Pro-government newspaper)

    Ziad Ghosn speculates that the U.S. will not remove sanctions on the Syrian regime unless it gains something out of the bargaining.

  • The Syrian Regime’s Discrete Virtues

    Thursday July 8th, 2021

    by Hazem Saghieh – ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

    Hazem Saghieh recalls in Asharq al-Awsat the story of Omar, who was detained in the infamous Sednaya prison, and how it ironically shielded him from disastrous outcomes.

  • Collective Punishment and Humanitarian Aid!

    Tuesday July 6th, 2021

    by Bouthaina Shaaban - AL-WATAN (Pro-government newspaper)

    Bouthaina Shaaban explains that the West’s strategy of pretending to care for Syrians in the North while collectively punishing all of Syria through sanctions is hypocrisy.

  • Russia “Disciplines” Al-Assad

    Monday June 7th, 2021

    by Absi Simsim - AL-ARABY AL-JADEED (London-based pan-Arab newspaper)

    Columnist Absi Simsim explains in this commentary piece for al-Araby al-Jadeed what’s behind Russia’s recent comments on the possibility of early elections in Syria.

  • Syria’s Assad Stages a Sinister Simulation of Democracy

    Thursday May 27th, 2021

    by Sam Hamad - The New Arab (pan-Arab daily)

    The Syrian election is legitimate only to those who oppose democracy, columnist Sam Hamad says in this commentary piece in The New Arab

  • US Policy in Syria in 2021

    Wednesday May 12th, 2021

    by Charles Lister writing for ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London-based pan-Arab daily)

    US President Biden’s policy towards Syria has not changed since Trump’s administration, argues Charles Lister, writing for Asharq Al-Awsat.

  • The Syrians of Denmark…An Experience that Hurts Twice

    Tuesday May 11th, 2021

    by Hazem Saghieh – ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London-based pan-Arab daily)

    Syrians living in Denmark are being degraded by living in a racist country, writes Hazem Saghieh for Asharq Al-Awsat.

  • Is the Biden Administration Easing Sanctions on Assad?

    Thursday May 6th, 2021

    by Bassam Barabandi, AL ARABIYA (Pan-Arab channel)

    The Biden administration may be easing sanctions on Assad, writes Bassam Barabandi for Al-Arabiya.

  • The Assad Elections Confirm the Country’s Division

    Friday April 23rd, 2021

    by Hassan al-Aswad - AL-ARABY AL-JADEED (London-based, pan-Arab newspaper)

    The upcoming Syrian elections are a mere formality and carry little meaning for many Syrians, writes Hassan al-Aswad for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

  • How is Moscow-Washington Tension Affecting Syria?

    Thursday March 25th, 2021

    by Marwan Qabalan - AL-ARABY AL-JADEED (London-based, pan-Arab newspaper)

    Tensions between Washington and Moscow will have various repercussions for Syria, writes Marwan Qabalan for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

  • A Syrian Ray of Hope in a German Court?

    Monday March 1st, 2021

    by Elias Harfoush - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London-based pan-Arab daily)

    Germany’s invocation of universal jurisdiction sends a clear message to the Assad regime, argues Elias Harfoush.

  • Has the United Nations Helped Resolve the Syrian Conflict? 

    Monday February 8th, 2021

    by Burhan Ghalyoun - AL-ARABY AL-JADEED (London-based, pan-Arab newspaper)

    The UN’s dream for political transition in Syria has turned into a nightmare, writes Burhan Ghalyoun for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

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