• Trump, Syria and the Kurds: The Decline of Pragmatism  

    Monday December 24th, 2018

    by Wael Sawah - The Syrian Observer

    The decision by the US to withdraw troops from Syria marks a new low in American pragmatism writes The Syrian Observer.

  • Turkey’s Path Blocked in Idleb

    Thursday December 13th, 2018

    by Aysha Karbat - Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    While Turkey prepares for a possible assault on the eastern banks of the Euphrates, Russia and the regime are becoming impatient about the status of Idleb writes Al-Modon.

  • Who Is Responsible for the Security Breakdown in the Liberated Areas?

    Wednesday December 5th, 2018

    by Jalal Bakour - Sada al-Sham (opposition website)

    The breakdown in security in liberated areas is causing chaos for the residents and preventing the
    emergence of a unified goal writes Sada al-Sham.

  • A New Social Contract for Syrian Stability

    Friday November 23rd, 2018

    by Bassam Barabandi and Nidal Bitari — Al-Hurra Network

    The Kurdish population in Syria has a historic opportunity to forge a path that can help them secure the rights and representation that they had previously lost writes Al-Hurra Network.

  • Which Outcome Will Idleb Witness?

    Friday November 16th, 2018

    by Shawkat Abu Fakhr - Al-Ayam (pro-government newspaper)

    The recapturing of Idleb remains a top priority for the government, but local and regional issues are complicated the matter writes Al-Ayam.

  • Syrian-Americans and the American Elections

    Tuesday November 6th, 2018

    by Wael Sawah — The Syrian Observer

    The vote of Syrian-Americans during the mid-term elections will partly be shaped by the policies of the two main American parties towards the Syrian conflict, Wael Sawah argues

  • The Regime Withdraws Law No. 10?

    Tuesday October 23rd, 2018

    by Jalal Bakour - Sada al-Sham (opposition website)

    Even with the withdrawal of Law No. 10, the ability of the regime to seize property has not been diminished writes Sada al-Sham.

  • After Idleb

    Thursday October 18th, 2018

    by Reem Saleh - Al-Thawra (pro-government newspaper)

    When Idleb returns to the embrace of the Syrian government, the military will look east to the Euphrates writes Al-Thawra.

  • Assad Sits Down With for First Interview With Gulf Newspaper

    Thursday October 4th, 2018

    by Sabah Mohamad — Al-Shahed (Kuwaiti daily)

    For the first time since the war in Syria began, President Assad has spoken with a journalist from a Kuwait daily newspaper.

  • Russia Has Succeeded While the Friends of the Syrian People Have Failed

    Tuesday October 2nd, 2018

    by Emaddeen al-Khateeb - Ana Press

    Russia’s intervention in Syria has come out on top, after the backers of the revolution have fallen by the wayside writes Ana Press.

  • The Idleb Deal Will Not Be Implemented

    Thursday September 27th, 2018

    by Mahmoud al-Salah - Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    With the refusal of the terrorist groups in Idleb to hand over their weapons and withdraw, a military assault on the area looks inevitable writes Al-Watan.

  • Trusting the Wolf

    Tuesday September 25th, 2018

    by Bassel Oudat - Geiroon (opposition news agency)

    After a string of broken Russian promises, the Syrian opposition view anything that Russia says with a wary scepticism writes Geiroon.

  • Iranian-Gulf Relations and the Syrian Crisis

    Monday September 24th, 2018

    by Bassam Barbandi - Al-Arabiya website

    Iran’s relationship with Syria has pushed the country down a particular path, but it is still possible to change course writes Al-Arabiya.

  • Confusion Surrounds the Downing of a Russian Plane

    Thursday September 20th, 2018

    by Mashari Al-Zthaydi - Asharq al-Awsat (London-based, pan-Arab daily)

    Accusations have been made on all sides after a Russian plane was shot down by Assad’s forces, killing 15 Russian soldiers writes Asharq al-Awsat.

  • Idleb: The Last Battle for Western Countries and the Start of Their Own Crisis

    Wednesday September 19th, 2018

    by Mohamed Nader - Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    As the war in Syria draws to a close, international players are looking to secure influence in the country’s future writes Al-Watan.

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