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Abdulhamid Darwish Shifts: Regime is Better Than the Coalition

Jan 3rd, 2017 by Madar al-Youm (opposition website)

Senior Kurdish opposition politician shifts position towards Syrian regime and says his party is seeking self-rule

Abdulhamid Darwish Shifts: Regime is Better Than the Coalition

The secretary of the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party, Abdulhamid Darwish, revealed a surprise position on the dual Syrian and Kurdish issues days after the Assad regime’s Hassakeh governor visited the Party’s office.

Speaking to Kurdish media Darwish confirmed the governor’s visit, saying: “My dear guest, the governor of Hassakeh, paid me a visit, and I received him in the Noureddin Zaazaa Hall and we served him lunch.” He described Bashar al-Assad by saying, “Assad is still president of Syria, and I will call him, with full respect, His Excellency, Dr. Bashar Assad.”

The Kurdish politician, who was arrested by the regime for more than three years, said that on the Kurdish issue the position of the Assad regime was better than the position of the National Coalition. He accused the coalition of refusing to acknowledge the rights of the Kurdish people and called on the Kurdish National Council to freeze its membership in it.

Darwish said, “Our party has a position. We are calling for self-rule. I want every Kurd to listen to this position.”

He added that his party would not attend talks at the Russian airbase at Hemeimem, “because the meeting was under the mantle of the PYD, and if it took a positive position, we would go without the National Council, which has taken a mistaken position which will cost the Kurds a great deal, and we will leave without our fair share.” He also said that, “the Hemeimem meeting did not succeed, and the evidence of that is that they returned on the same day.”

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