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Corruption Swallows Heavy Weapons Factory in Mesyaf

Oct 17th, 2018 by Zaman Al Wasl (Opposition website)

Weapons factories that were once successful are now no longer able to produce armaments that reach the required standards writes Zaman Al Wasl.

Corruption Swallows Heavy Weapons Factory in Mesyaf

Corruption continues to spread in the Syrian army facilities. It has now reached Factory 794, following Factory 793, which turned from heavy weapons manufacturing into scrap.

The factory is located near the village of Zawi near Mesyaf city in al-Ghab Plain.

The factory in Zawi specialized in the production of heavy, medium and light weapons, the most important of which are artillery (130-122 mm, mortar, artillery pieces and tanks). He pointed out that the factory contains special lathes for the manufacturing of artillery tanks and tanks of all caliber

A military source told Zaman al-Wasl that over the past few years the plant had run a material loss because of the poor quality of products, despite the capacities and the existing physical base.

Corruption Undermines Regime's Weapon Factories

In 1993, Factory 793’s production line transported light weapons from Mount Takasis to near Hama, where the headquarters of Factory 794 are located. These lines used to produce 7.62 mm machine guns and various other machine guns, but work was suspended due to the failure to reach the required standards.

The source attributed the successive losses to the factory’s failure to produce any kind of heavy or light weapons that reached the required safety standards to the accumulation of debt by the factory, and the borrowing from the public debt fund to pay the salaries of its employees.

As a result of these successive losses, in June 2010, a decision was issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to transfer the ownership of Factory 794 from the Foundation of Defense Laboratories to the Center for Studies and Scientific Research, in order to develop its production.

After the change in ownership the Foundation of Defense Laboratories dismantled and transferred some of the production lines that were inside the factory to the warehouses of Factory 790.

The Center for Scientific Studies and Research worked on converting it to a factory to produce death drums, raising the laboratory’s production of explosive barrels to 600 a month.


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